Vuemix - Video on Demand

Video on demand is expected to grow to $61.4 B by 2019. The markets for OTT video, surveillance video, and enterprise video are also increasing dramatically.

A more personalized, immersive experience leads to deeper engagement, but it has been veryexpensive to serve it up. Until now.

Vuemix has developed patented technology to capture the value of multi-stream video.

Our cloud-based platform is enabling the next chapter in video consumption and we believe itwill forever change the way people search and view video content.

Our VaaS lets consumers search for videos and view multiple results simultaneously withouthaving to click videos one at a time. By dynamically combining multiple live or recorded videoclips into a single stream of active tiles, the Vuemix platform delivers a custom interactiveexperience that is not possible using today's conventional video platforms.

Consumers and content publishers can upload live or recorded videos in any format to theVuemix platform, which automatically makes the them available to client devices ranging fromsmartphones and tablets to laptops and desktops in an optimal format and bit rate.

With our highly-scalable crossbar you can simultaneously source hundreds of thousands of livevideos and make them available to millions of users with minimal delays. Our crossbar alsomakes video messaging as easy as text messaging and you can also deliver to popular “over thetop” devices like Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast.

APIs and SDKs allow developers to create rich web pages and apps and the GUI-based webinterface facilitates content management.