Vuemix Video Chat Alpha / Beta Testing Program

Be part of our mission to make video communication better!

  • Use your PC or MAC to try out video chat apps and make some $$
  • Try our new video communication app before it is released to the public
  • Your valuable feedback will make Vuemix's trailblazing technology better
  • You will get paid for each completed quality test!

What You Will Need

  • A laptop or desktop computer (Windows or MacOs) with a camera and a headset
  • A good Internet connection
  • Chrome Browser
  • Ability to provide Feedback


What Vuemix Video Chat Alpha / Beta testers do?
  • Our testers test video chat app developed with our cutting edge technology and provide feedback to our developers
Is this a full time job?
  • No, this is not a full time job. This is a way to make some extra money sitting at home
How often will I be invited to test?
  • We send out invites by email a few times a week. Once we get the required number of testers and feedback, we move on to the next. It is important to accept the invite to participate as quickly as possible.
How much do tests pay?
  • Each testing session will usually be for 20 minutes or less, though some of them might extend beyond 20 minutes. You will be paid as below for each quality test
    • 0 - 20 minutes $10
    • 21 - 40 minutes $20
    • 41 - 60 minutes $30
How and when will I be paid?
  • Payments are sent out via Paypal. Payments will be sent out approximately twice a month. If you do not already have one, you will need to create a Paypal account in order to receive payment. Paypal fees are usually covered by Vuemix, but in rare cases, these fees may take a few cents off of your earnings.
How can I make sure my tests meet your quality standards?
  • Test whether the laptop/desktop is working properly. Make sure that you use a headset. Headsets used for iPhones and other mobile devices should be fine as long as there are jacks to plug them in to the computer.
  • Always follow the instructions properly!

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