Transforming the viewing experience

Vuemix is enabling the next chapter of video consumption: a richer experience that is personalized, dynamic, and engaging.

Our VaaS platform offers:
  • Streaming that is optimized to deal with fluctuating bandwidth or low bit rate
  • Relevant search results with instant auto-playback
  • Adaptive formatting for any device: no client app, video players of special protocols required
Broadcast & OTT

Create immersive user experience with the Vuemix platform. Stream OTT content to mobile devices, laptops, Roku, Chromecast, and Apple TV.

What you get
  • Multiple channels playing simultaneously
  • Accurate metadata and closed caption-based search using natural language processing (NLP)
  • Visual programming guide for search and preview of channels
  • Audience expansion and increased engagement
  • Bandwidth efficiency

Mix videos that auto-play with articles and pictures in a dynamically generated magazine-like layout. Flip through pages while multiple videos play simultaneously.

What you get
  • Video mosaics rather than thumbnail previews
  • Automatic page layout
  • Multimedia content in a single view, no need for a separate video page
  • Audience expansion and increased engagement
  • Non-intrusive video ads on one or more tiles

Watch multiple games or view multiple camera angles of a single game all playing simultaneously.

What you get
  • Multiple live games simultaneously
  • Multiple camera angles
  • User-personalized mix
  • Bandwidth efficiency
  • Audience expansion and increased engagement
  • Pay as you go

Incorporate IP camera streams into website and mobile apps. Watch multiple cameras simultaneously. Select streams to view using queries.

What you get
  • Compatibility with all standard outputs from IP cameras
  • Archive and live viewing
  • Low delay
  • Streaming to any device including mobile and laptops
Live Streaming

Send live video streams—a live event or breaking news—to the Vuemix streaming engine and deliver it to audiences on any device.

What you get
  • Broadcast from a single integrated platform
  • Control your content with flexible publishing options
  • View multiple streams simultaneously, e.g., on Periscope and FacebookLive
  • Increase audience engagement