Save the participants list into a file so that you can load it next time. Once you enter the file name and click "Save", you will be prompted to download the file to your computer to save it locally.


Load the saved file


Add users' emails to the presenters list

 #Panelists - Enter the number of panelists (presenters) appearing together on the screen. If this number is less than the number of marked presenters, number of persons counting from the top of the list corresponding to the number entered here will appear on the screen.  If this number is more than the marked presenters, a black tile will appear to fill the rest of the slots.


 Refresh will update the contents of this page


    Checking this box will prevent any edit to this page.  This will prevent accidental edits.

  Clicking this against the name will make that person appear on the screen


   Clicking this will make that person not a panelist and disappear from the host screen


  If the order of the presenters is known, these buttons can be used to create the order.  Keep in mind that the order will not     automatically make people appear and disappear.  "Make a Presenter" and "Return to Audience" will still need to clicked.


  Clicking this will delete this entry

  Clicking this will make the host disappear from the screen but be able to communicate via audio

   Clicking this will make the host appear on the screen with audio

   Clicking this will make the only presenters appear on the screen


  Clicking this will make the presenters along with people who have raised their hands appear (one by one) on the screen

 People Asking Questions

 People who have raised their hands to ask questions will appear in this section


  Clicking this will lower the hand of the person who raised the raised to ask a question and the next person in the list who has raised their hand will appear