Host Controls

The Host Controls are accessible once you have started streaming in your room. Begin by signing in, then click on the "My Room button. Then, click on the "Host" button, select your camera and microphone options and then click on the "Start Streaming" button.

Clicking gear icon at the top right of the screen will open a new window with the following tabs:

  Room Access

      Who can view your room: (Options below for those JUST watching and listening, but NOT participating with thier own audio and video)

          Public: Anyone can watch

          Private: Viewers must be invited

          Locked: No one new can watch. Viewers already in the room can watch

      Who can join your room: (Options below are for participating via audio and video)

          Public: Anyone can join

          Private: Participants must be invited

          Locked: No one new can participate. Persons already in the room can participate

  Configure Video Layout

      Presentation Layout

          Auto: will select the number of tiles automatically depending on the number of participants; suitable for regular meetings with 9 people or less

          Host Only: Suitable when there is only one presenter

          2x1 / 2x2: Suitable when there are multiple presenters

          Big+three / Big+six: Suitable for Q&A where participants raising their hands will appear in the smaller tiles; suitable for larger meetings

      Audience Layout

          12 / 16 / 49 / 100: No. of tiles on a page to view the audience with pagination

  Currently in your room

      The Owner/Host or the Moderator of the room can change the privileges of each person in the room

      Making a participant a Presenter will pin the participant to the front of the screen

      If a participant is not allowed entry into the room, the host or moderator can change the privileges here to let them in.

  Branding, Title, Description, Website, Tags

          Display Name: Name of the room as it appears to others entering

          Description: Short description as it relates to a room, shop, meeting etc.

          Web Page URL: Website to go to for a detailed description

          Add Tag: Pick at least one tag from the red colored tags and then add tags related to your room.  These tags help in users' searches.

          Update Metadata: Clicking will update the data added above permanently

          Update for Current Meeting: Clicking will update for just the current session or meeting

          Click to change your location: Click to add place and country

          Upload Thumbnail: Picture to be displayed when not streaming video

          Upload Brand/Logo: Picture to be displayed showing your brand name or logo


      SMS/Phone Number: Number to receive text messages. Phone number is invisible to the users.

      Send SMS alert when a new user enters your room: When you are hosting and someone new enters. Options below

          Never: No messages are ever sent

          Only when you are away: Get a message if someone new enters when you are hosting but stepped away

          Always: When you are hosting always get a message whenever someone new enters the room

      Allow visitors to contact you: Allows users who go to your room to contact you when you are not hosting. Options Below

          Never: Never let anyone contact you when you are not hosting

          Via Email: Let someone contact you via the email used for your account.  Email is invisible to the users

          Via Text Message: Let someone contact you via text message.  Phone number is invisible to the users

  Breakout Rooms

      Breakout rooms can be added by the host or moderators at any time.  By default, up to 10 breakout rooms can be created.  Enter the number of rooms needed in the box and click “Change Number of Rooms” button. Breakout rooms can be destroyed at any time by clicking “Delete All” button. Breakout rooms can be locked by clicking the “Lock People to their breakout room button”. Once the rooms are created, they will appear at the top right in the main screen as below.

To go to a breakout room, enter the number of the room and click “GO”.  Once in the room, click the button.  To get back to the main room, click the red “Main” button and then click the “Enter” button again.  Moderators and the host while in the main room are visible and can be heard in  all the breakout rooms. Breakout room conversations are not audible and visible outside of the room.  Once in the breakout room, moderators and host can pull any participant from the main room to the breakout room they are in.  For example, to pull someone into breakout room “2”, click the Main” button to view the people present.  All participants will have icons as below on their tiles

  Click “TO 2” as shown and the participant will be moved to breakout room “2”.  Moderator or the host can then go back to breakout room “2” by entering “2” and clicking “GO”.  To push a participant back to main room from a breakout room click “TO Main” as below. Participants can automatically be divided equally and placed in the breakout rooms by clicking the “Shuffle” button. Participants can be brought back to the main room by clicking the “Unite” button. If the breakout rooms are locked, moderators and hosts can still move people between the main screen and breakout rooms but participants will not be able to move from one room to the other.

  Webinars and Meetings

      After scheduling a meeting or a webinar, a check mark will appear which when clicked will let you add participants' emails. If the meeting is private, only invited participants that have signed in with their emails will be allowed to enter the room.

  Clicking the drop-down menu next to your name:

          @roomname: Name of your room. Participants should be given this name to enter the room by typing @roomname in the go to bar after signing in.

          Refresh: Click the refresh if audio or video is stuck.

Controlling the participants:

  Participant tile icons

      Each participant’s tile will have 4 icons:

          Microphone: Clicking the microphone icon will mute and unmute the participant

          EXIT: Clicking the EXIT icon will eject the participant from the room

          Hand: Clicking the Hand icon will raise and lower the hand. Raising the hand will put the participant in the queue and lowering it will remove them from the queue

          Podium: Clicking this icon will make or remove a participant as a presenter/panelist.  Only presenters/panelists can share screens.

Room Audio Modes (toggle icon)

  Click on this icon to cycle through the Room Audio Modes

  Everyone can talk (usually the default)

  Only the host and the first person in the queue (raised hand) can talk and others can only hear (preferred for large meetings and webinars)

  Only the host and the first in the queue can talk to each other- others are muted and cannot even hear

  Only the host can talk and others are muted but can hear (preferred for large meetings and webinars)


Clicking the hand icon  will put the participant in a visual queue. A number will appear once the hand icon is clicked   This number corresponds to the participant’s position in the queue.  Both the host and the participant can click the hand icon to raise and bring down the hand.  Clicking this icon on the right side of the host’s screen will clear the entire queue.

Screen Sharing

NOTE: Only the Owner/Host and participants that are made into Presenters are allowed to share a screen.
Hosts and Moderators can make a participant into a presenter by clicking in the tile of the participant

  Clicking the Start Screen Sharing icon at the top of your screen will let you share a screen from your computer to the room.

      - The window to be shared should be open and not minimized while sharing.

      - If the window is minimized, the shared window will be blank.

When screen is being shared the share icon will change to

An icon like this will also appear on the tile of the person sharing the screen which the participants can click to view the shared window.

      - If there are a large number of participants, not everyone can appear on the host screen.

      - It is recommended for a participant who wants to present to raise the virtual hand so that they appear on the host screen. The Host can then easily make that participant a presenter.

Entering and Exiting a room

Participants can enter and exit a room by clicking the icons and  on the right side of the screen.  To go to a different room, click the home icon to go to the home screen and then type the room name in the go to bar.  A participant has to start streaming only in the beginning to join or host a room.  Subsequent entry to all rooms is as described above using the “entry” and “exit” icons obviating the need to restream.